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Laundry Room Design

4 Laundry Room Design Ideas for Functionality & Efficiency

Are you thinking of updating your existing laundry room? Or do you want to design a new laundry room? Well, in both cases, you’ll benefit from our design tips and ideas that will help you to create a functional and efficient laundry space.

Laundry Layout

Choose between different laundry layouts, such as L-shaped, U-shaped, galley, etc., which are similar to the layout options that you can select for a kitchen design. The design of the floor plan will help you to choose the best layout for your laundry room.

Keeping the space open is imperative for a dedicated laundry from a functional and visual viewpoint. Give due consideration to the most-used items in your laundry, such as the sink, countertop, and appliances. Besides, when you enter your laundry space, what exactly you would like to see (i.e. line-of-sight). Laundry appliances such as your washing machine and dryer should be kept close to each other for plumbing purposes. Moreover, you should choose a design that keeps laundry appliances out of your initial line of sight or hidden away.

Laundry Appliances

The selection of your appliances and positioning them will impact the way you use your laundry space. If you have a washer and dryer – you can stack a washer and dryer or place them underneath a benchtop per the availability of space and laundry room design.

Borrow the style and finishes of your kitchen for your laundry space to render a coherent transition from other areas of your home into this vital workspace. Besides, try to use identical materials for your kitchen and laundry – clubbing the two projects together can save you substantially when renovating or building new from scratch, adding considerable value to your home property.

Laundry Bench Workspace

Adequate bench space is an indispensable consideration for any laundry renovation. Make sure you place the benchtop in such a way that it assists cleaning tasks. For instance, you can pull the clothes from your laundry hampers/ baskets or washer or dryer and quickly sort them on the benchtop.

Quantum or Caesarstone quartz benchtops are excellent options for laundries and kitchens. They are resistant to scratches and stains and are super easy to clean. Besides, you can get the look you want, resembling marble, granite, or concrete, in the colour shade and pattern you love.

And if you have a tight budget, you can choose modern laminate benchtops that are affordable and visually appealing. With a laminate benchtop, you can still achieve the desired marble, granite, or timber look within a modest budget that you can easily afford.

Laundry Storage

When you design your laundry in the right way, you’ll love to spend time in your laundry doing your routine chores with ease. Storage is vital in the laundry, and you can increase cabinetry as much as possible without curtailing your ability to move around.

Building taller laundry storage cupboards is ideal if space allows, and you can easily store your mops and brooms in there. However, you can consider including at least one internal drawer to place items conveniently, such as washing powders, etc.

If you love the open shelving, effortlessly enhance your storage space and create an elegant corner known as a purely functional space. Add special touches to your laundry space with folded towels, beautiful plants, and stylish containers for your washing powders and make your laundry graceful.

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