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Bathroom Cabinetry Ideas

7 Functional & Beautiful Bathroom Cabinetry Ideas!

A bathroom is a place that you visit daily once or twice to refresh yourself. How would you feel when you enter into a bathroom that is functional and beautiful? Feels soothing! Right. Well, a practical and aesthetically appealing bathroom will also fetch higher resale value when selling your home in the future. In this blog, we will reveal some vital tips for building practical and elegant bathroom cabinetry.

1. Built-In Cabinetry

You can build custom cabinetry into your bathroom for added functionality and a distinctive look.

Corner Storage – You can put to use the unused corner space by building custom corner cabinetry. Besides, you can construct storage from floor to ceiling for added storage options. Per your preference, you can make doors or leave them open.

Recessed Wall – If you have a recessed wall in your bathroom, you can easily convert the space into shelving.

Around the Sink – Build-in shelves around a wall hung or standing sink, and per your preference, you can include doors or drawers or both, or leave it open. Blend different materials, including wood, metal, and glass, to make your space distinctive. Through custom built-in cabinetry, you can maximise storage space inside your bathroom.

Around the Toilet – Build-in modest shelves around the toilet, wherein you can store toilet paper and hygiene items.

2. Open Shelves

Open shelving cabinetry provides you with the liberty to organise storage as you desire. It has no dividers, drawers, or doors, and you have to decide how to use the space. A couple of ways you can use the open shelving space in your bathroom include:

  • Baskets: Buy stylish bamboo baskets that fit into your open shelving space. Here, you can store your hygiene products, such as shaving kits, hair items, body spray, etc. Baskets can keep things organised, preserving the open shelving look.

  • Towel Shelf: After your bath towels are washed and dried, you can fold and stack them onto open shelves. Small or large, towels easily fit on open shelves. You can grab them after a shower and put them away as well.

3. Floating Cabinets

Floating cabinets are the ones that give you the impression that they are floating above the floor; that’s because these cabinets don’t touch the flooring. Made from robust hardware, floating cabinets hang on the wall flawlessly. They can make your space look open and spacious.

Counter-top for floating cabinets are available in diverse materials and finish options. You have options to choose from different types of tile, granite, porcelain, and wood. They are also available in single and double sink options.

 Bathroom Cabinet Storage

4. Washstand or Washbasin

Washstands or stand-alone washbasins are small and compact. With this option, you’re restricted to a single sink and some shelves. They are ideal for half bathrooms or smaller guest bathrooms. If you want to add a traditional look to your bathroom, then a stand-alone washstand is a perfect choice. Besides, the design and finish options have evolved.

5. Vanity & Sink Combination

Pairing vanity and sink cabinets give you sufficient storage and are a highly functional bathroom cabinet idea. It is perfect for those who want added storage for hygiene, hair, and makeup products. It lends added convenience. Vanity and sink combinations are available in diverse sizes and designs. Double sinks with vanity are ideal for bathrooms having extra square footage. And single sinks with a slim vanity are perfect for small and compact spaces.

6. Double Sink Cabinets

Double sink cabinets are a particularly desirable option if you have a long wall in your bathroom. It will provide you with a generous amount of counter space and sufficient storage below. Plus, when you include matching hung cabinets around the mirror, it can increase your storage space.

7. Design & Construct Custom Cabinetry

If you have generous space at your disposal, it may be advantageous to consider a custom-built cabinet option. With custom-designed cabinetry, you can put the available space to the best use. Unlike ready-made stock models, custom-designed cabinetry can maximise the use of space, so they are a pricier option.

Voila! These are some ways to optimise the available space in your bathroom and create efficient storage space.

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Final Words

Well, who does not love to have practical and handy bathroom wall cabinets and shaving cabinets? Draw some inspiration from the above ideas and put the excess space in your bathroom to productive use.

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