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Contemporary vs. Modern Kitchen Design

Contemporary vs. Modern Kitchen Design – What Do You Prefer?

Contemporary kitchen design is very modern, and there is a thin line between modern and contemporary kitchen design. If you’re going for a kitchen renovation, it is better to know the difference between the two kitchen designs, as it will help you renovate your existing kitchen the way you want!

Contemporary Kitchen Design

The contemporary kitchen integrates clean and minimalist design features, such as custom made storage, natural stone benchtops and a neutral colour palette. A contemporary kitchen design can get creative with white surfaces, black or dark wood custom cabinetry and sleek stainless steel kitchen appliances! Contemporary kitchens get a clean and coherent design. A contemporary kitchen can be modern, but it can also integrate features from other kitchen design styles.

  • Contemporary kitchen design borrows streamlined surfaces from a modern kitchen design, and it is often cosier and more livable.
  • Contemporary kitchen design includes horizontal lines in benchtops, counters, cabinets, splashback and flooring layouts.
  • Some contemporary kitchens also use geometric forms to create curiosity – squares, rectangles, globes, curves, angles and diamonds are accents you can apply in wall decorations, windows, furniture, counters and lighting.
  • Contrast cabinet colours with benchtop, splashback and flooring to make your kitchen distinctive. Often opposites are used in the contemporary kitchen – for instance, white base cabinets and black, coffee or grey wall cabinets.
  • Homeowners often go for all-white kitchens, as they harmonise different materials like granite, tile, wood and any other accent colours. A white palette with beige can make a small kitchen roomier.

Modern Kitchen Design

Way back in the mid-twentieth century, designers made the first contemporary kitchen. Around this time, the kitchen started to function as a shared space, becoming an extension of the dining or living room. This style demanded a kitchen that was both highly functional and elegant. So kitchen designers began incorporating basic design layouts and more clean lines making sure that homemakers used every inch of space to its utmost potential to increase productivity. The designers restricted and neutralised the colour palette to create a sleek and smooth look.

  • Modern kitchen designs have open floor plans that expand the entire length of the kitchen layout. Besides, they have clear zone divisions that are nicely defined and have a single monochromatic colour.
  • The cabinetry takes up the most visual space, so it is the most vital design element of a kitchen. So homeowners should invest their time to select the ideal cabinets that can harmonise their kitchen.
  • The flooring material needs to suit the overall kitchen decor. Similar to the benchtop, homeowners have natural stone as a premium option to bestow a touch of sophistication to the kitchen flooring.
  • Minimalist and sleek features also render modern kitchens a simple yet graceful look.

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