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Is It Possible to Design Luxury Kitchen on a Modest Budget?

The kitchen is the priciest room to build and designing a luxury kitchen is way pricier. So is it even possible to design a luxury kitchen on a modest budget? Well, the answer is both yes and no. Let’s delve deeper to know why there are two contradictory answers to this:

  1. If you’re limited by budget, then you need to know what features you exactly need and what you don’t. And you need to keep only those features that you need and invest your money in it. Thus, if you can curtail the features of the luxury kitchen, then the answer is yes – you can!

  2. Conversely, if you can’t limit the features of a luxury kitchen and need each of them, then it will get pricier – in this case, the answer will be no!

If you’re willing to go with the first option to actualise your dream of designing or renovating a luxury kitchen, then here are some quick tips to guide you:

Get Some Inspiration

Getting inspiration is the first step towards designing your luxury kitchen on a modest budget. And there are several ways to get the much-needed inspiration – look through the home interiors or kitchen design magazines, home renovation blogs, websites like Pinterest and visit some kitchen design and renovation showrooms to see some luxury kitchen prototypes.

In the process, if you like any kitchen design, try to figure out what features you like the most in that particular kitchen design. Prepare a list with the features that “you need” and list out the features that are not required but nice to have.

Kitchen Benchtop

Some widely used popular benchtop materials are as follows:

  • Laminate: Laminate is a reliable and affordable benchtop material obtainable in an array of textures, finishes, designs and colour-shades. With laminate, it is easy to get imitation timber and stone benchtops.

  • Solid Benchtop Surface: Solid benchtop surface facilitates a smooth finish and is a non-porous material that is hygienic and resistant to heat and stains. Solid benchtop surface is available in a diverse range of colours, and finishes include high-gloss, semi-gloss and matte.

  • Quartz Benchtop: Quartz benchtop such as CaesarStone looks identical to natural stone and is an extremely durable stone benchtop, highly resistant to staining. Quartz benchtop is non-porous, very hygienic and low on maintenance.

Mix two contrasting benchtop colours, materials, heights or thicknesses to get a designer look. The disparity will create curiosity while allowing including that feature benchtop if it’s there on your must-have luxury feature list.

Cabinetry Solutions

Custom made luxury modern kitchen design will feature custom cabinets, but you can get the same look at a fraction of the cost. For example: Choose kitchen cabinets instead of drawers; it is more cost-effective, helping you to save money, which you can invest in some other kitchen luxuries.

Luxury Kitchen Design on Budget

Colour Magic

Customise your kitchen by adding some colours and make it your own and distinctive. The white kitchen is ageless and a safe option, but play with a few colour combinations and see how changing sections of white cabinetry to wood grain or black or bright colour will transform your kitchen from white to Wow. Decorative tiled splashbacks or attention-grabbing pendant lighting will add colour and allow your style and personality to shine through.

Get Professional Assistance

During the kitchen design process, it easy to be lured by the extras, so you need to set and manage the budget with the assistance of a professional designer. Emporium Kitchens can assist you with decisions such as where to invest and where to curtail. They will help to create the most practical and spacious layout and provide cost-effective ways to imitate any popular luxury looks.

Final Words

Whether you need L shaped kitchen with an island or any other kitchen layout for your custom luxury kitchen, an expert kitchen design & renovation company like Emporium Kitchens can help you. Call us on (02) 9645 6706 for kitchen design and renovations or standalone custom cabinetry solutions for kitchen, bathroom, laundry or walk-in wardrobes. Get in touch with us with your ideas for a kitchen design or renovation quote online!

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