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High Gloss or Matt: Which is Perfect Kitchen Cabinet Finish?

High Gloss vs. Matt Kitchen Cabinet
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When it comes to choosing the ideal finish for your kitchen cabinet, you have two main options viz. (1) Matte vs (2) Glossy. Regardless of you select particleboard, MDF (medium-density fibreboard), ply or solid wood doors for your cabinets, you need to choose the right finish to get the desired look and functionality for your kitchen.

For instance, you can use an oil coating for solid timber doors to get a country-style kitchen. Alternatively, you can choose a clear or coloured polyurethane for a more lasting finish. Besides, you can use kitchen-specific paints from any leading brand to paint manufactured boards like MDF or particleboard. If that is not an option, then you can use a two-pack polyurethane. Moreover, you can use a layer of wood veneer, vinyl wrap, melamine or laminate as a finish for cabinet doors. No matter what material or coating you use, you still have to opt between glossy and matte finish for the end product.

If you’re not able to decide which finish you should choose for your kitchen cabinets, then don’t worry a bit as this blog will help you to arrive at a decision. The pros and cons of each finish explained herein, which will help you to decide which finish will suit your kitchen cabinetry better. So, let’s get started!

High Gloss Kitchen Cabinet Finish

A high gloss finish is smooth and glossy; it reflects the light in the area at different angles, making it the favourite finish often chosen, especially for modern kitchen styles having flat cabinet fronts.

High Gloss Kitchen Cabinet

Benefits of High Gloss Finish

  • High gloss can make a confined space look larger and broader than its original size.
  • High gloss finish is ideal for small and compact size kitchens, as the reflected light creates a shiny finish, producing an illusion of more open space.
  • Even if you select a darker colour shade, it will not imbibe all the light present in the room; instead, reflect it. Nonetheless, lighter colours will reflect more light. Thus, white is highly desired colour choice followed by off-white, beige and other lighter shades.

Cleaning Surface of High Gloss Finish

It’s easy to clean high gloss surface with a non-abrasive microfiber cloth. A microfiber cloth will grab any marks or dust particles on the surface. Besides, use mild dishwashing soap, a non-abrasive sponge and warm water to get rid of stubborn stains. Afterwards, clean the surface tenderly, and rinse and dry with a clean non-abrasive microfiber cloth.

Drawbacks of High Gloss Finish

The single most drawback is that fingerprints, scratches, dirt and other marks will be more visible and detectable as plenty of light reflects on the surface. On dark colour shades, even the tiny marks will be easily noticeable, so better to consider lighter-colour shades if you love high gloss finish.

Matt Kitchen Cabinet Finish

High gloss finish reflects light on the surface whereas matt finish absorbs light. However, matt finish won’t look dull, especially with light colour shades. A matt finish is perfect for traditional or country style kitchen cabinets having routed fronts. However, matt finish will also look equally stylish on modern kitchen cabinets having flat fronts.

Matte Finish Kitchen Cabinets

Benefits of Matt Finish

As light does not reflect, fingerprints, scratches and other marks are not easily noticeable on matt finish.
Matt finish produces a consistent colour effect. That’s because, in the absence of reflected light, colours in different areas of the cabinet fronts look identical.

Cleaning Surface of Matt Finish

Cleaning matt surface won’t be as easy as cleaning high gloss surface; still, you can clean the matt finish surface with a microfiber cloth.

Drawbacks of Matt Finish

With matt finish, you’ll get a muted look. It is not the best option for small or compact kitchen spaces because the light won’t reflect, and the area could feel constricted.

Final Words

When undertaking a new kitchen design or kitchen makeover, it is critical to select the finish for your kitchen cabinets that best suits you and your family’s needs and lifestyle.

If you are planning to build a kitchen with glossy or matt cabinets, then get a kitchen quote today! Give us a call on 02 9645 6706 for custom cabinetry solutions in Sydney.


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