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Small Kitchen Renovation

How to Successfully Plan for a Small Kitchen Renovation

Whether it is a large, luxury, or small kitchen, renovation isn’t an easy task! You need proper planning, get the right materials, and consult with a kitchen design company to complete your kitchen remodelling project successfully. Here, we’ll uncover the important steps involved in a small kitchen renovation, which will help you to complete your renovation project flawlessly.

Defining a Budget:

It is important to have a budget in place, which will help you to allocate proper funds to each section of your small kitchen renovation viz. custom cabinetry, benchtop, splashback, flooring, painting, as well as, kitchen appliances.

Determine the Areas You Want to Renovate:

Think about the areas you want to renovate inside your kitchen. Besides, consider how much space you need to move around freely when using your kitchen. Imagine yourself doing the food preparation and cooking chores in the kitchen, as well as, performing other kitchen chores daily. Don’t forget, you can only do the kitchen renovation as much as your budget allows.

Prioritise Tasks:

Some tasks require to be done before other tasks to complete the small kitchen renovation project smoothly. Thus, it is vital to prioritise tasks as follows:

Determine the Perfect Layout

It’s imperative to determine the layout first before undertaking flooring. Some vital questions to consider are mentioned below:

  • An L-shaped kitchen layout is mounted on the two walls perpendicular to each other.

  • The single-wall layout is mounted on one wall and saves significant space.

  • Do you want to include a kitchen island?

  • How many counters you would like to have in your kitchen?

Install Benchtop Before the Sink

Your new benchtop has to be installed before you can install your new sink – That’s because the sink connects to the benchtop.

Give Priority to the Paint Job

The kitchen needs to be empty as much as possible while undertaking the paint job. So before installing your kitchen cabinets and cupboards or bringing in the kitchen appliances, painting needs to be done. In this way, painting can be performed without worrying about dropping paint on anything in the kitchen.

Appropriate Power Supply to All Your Kitchen Appliances

Ensure you have a strategy in place to supply appropriate power to each of your kitchen appliances without overloading any of the outlets.

Prepare a Timeline

A timeline will guide you through the renovation process helping you to get the work completed for each stage on time. At times, delays may happen but try to follow the timeline as far as possible.

Get Quotes from Renovating Company

It’s imperative to get a quote from a kitchen company, which will help you to get a better understanding of the prevailing rates and determine the right rate for your renovation project. Indeed, it pays to do some research to ascertain who is a trustworthy and cost-effective contractor/renovator before you commit.

Final Words

Voila, you’re all equipped and are good to go! Bear in mind that no matter how well you plan, things can get delayed, so don’t get disheartened but patiently wait and work through all the renovation stages, and you’ll get a highly functional and visually pleasing kitchen of your dreams!

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