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Kitchen Cabinet Colours

Top 10 Kitchen Cabinet Colour Trends for 2023 & Beyond

Kitchen cabinet colour selection shouldn’t be an intimidating task. Choosing the perfect colour for your custom kitchen cabinets will help build a space exclusively yours. As choices abound, it can get tricky for homeowners to select the colour for the kitchen cabinets. Get some inspiration from the seven kitchen cabinet colours that are in trend and have an eternal appeal:

1. White

White has a timeless appeal and will look good in any space. Other bright colours may get dull with use or age, but the white colour retains the charm. Furthermore, white creates an illusion of openness and makes the area spacious, and is a proven colour to offer the best resale value. White can help your space feel less confined, especially for kitchens with plenty of cabinets. If your kitchen doesn’t have windows or has a limited area, white is an excellent choice.

2. Green

As we were gripped by the COVID-19 pandemic and were inside our homes most of the time for almost three years, we strongly feel to make a connection with nature. And green symbolises nature, so having green kitchen cabinets gives you calmness, serenity and peace. Also, green looks good naturally. Every shade of green looks good – be it olive green or light mint shades, it will add lively energy and elegance to your kitchen space.

3. Natural Wood

Wood comes in an incredible range of forms, grain patterns, colours and tones. And wood tones blend flawlessly with many other materials and colours, letting you mix your cabinets with other prevalent trends. Whites offer superb contrast by pairing lovely natural wood tone cabinet finishes, making them distinctive and offering a fresh outdoor feel. Consider a white wall or white splashback tiles to achieve this look.

Wood, neutral shades, and even green can be combined with diverse countertop materials and colours. As wood tones warm up a space, a white or light benchtop with some staining will produce a seamless balance.

4. Two-Toned Kitchen Cabinets

Two Toned Kitchen Cabinets

Two-toned kitchen cabinets are the trend right now and can add significant depth to the kitchen design, and you can use them in various ways. Blend blue or green island cabinets with natural wood on the edge of the cabinets. Alternatively, you can go for different shades on your lower and upper cabinets. Diverse colours and combinations can work seamlessly to create the two-toned cabinetry look. By blending shades, you help protect your kitchen from colour exhaustion, making your style look fresh for longer.

5. Espresso Cabinets

Espresso-coloured cabinets are getting much attention and quickly becoming the preferred choice in 2023. Espresso cabinets are not new but have been steadily rising over the last few years. You’ll spot Espresso cabinets everywhere in minimalist modern homes or plush Mediterranean kitchens. Espresso cabinets can serve as the perfect backdrop for any decor and personality or can stand alone. Whether you need something sleek and elegant or something bold and impressive, espresso-coloured cabinets will undoubtedly make an impact. This classic-toned kitchen cabinetry won’t get dated anytime soon.

6. Navy Blue

Blue is scientifically proven to lessen stress and improve mood, so you should consider it in the kitchen. If you don’t want bright blue, choose navy blue, a more grounded option to use blue in the kitchen. And navy blue does not get dirty as plain white cabinets, so it is easy to maintain. You can make your kitchen exude luxury by pairing navy with gold accents.

7. Dark Wood Cabinets

Dark wood cabinets are highly sought-after home decor for 2023. The black wood adds a plush and sophisticated look to any space, revealing all of the depth and grain of the wood itself. It’s the best way to add black to any design scheme without an entirely black wall or furniture. Whether dark wood cabinets are used as primary storage or as an accent piece in rooms like kitchens or bathrooms, they can lend basic cabinetry with a contemporary update. If you want a contemporary style and sophisticated feel, you should opt for dark wood cabinets.

8. Three Tone Cabinets

Three-tone cabinets are also among the highly desired kitchen styles. The style features three distinct colours creating a design statement that will turn heads. Whether you mix the wood grain with painted finishes of the same colour or choose a bold combination of white, teal and blue, this style gives you a chance to express your personality in your cooking space. The best thing is it is easy to customise tri-tone cabinets with different materials and hardware and can fit almost any vision and budget. If you want to update your kitchen without hurting your pocket, tri-tone cabinets are for you.

9. Grey

Grey is considered a dull colour, but it’s one of the most flexible neutral kitchen cabinet colour you can use. Darker greys are more rugged and look dashing with plenty of black accents. With a touch of modernity, light grey has a similar lightening effect as a cool white. Grey and green blend flawlessly. Combine a buoyant light green with dark or light grey depending on how profoundly you want the contrast.

10. Black & Dark Colours

Black is eternal for kitchen cabinets. Black cabinets are an ideal way to create curiosity in your kitchen regardless of the other colours you use inside your kitchen. Black will flawlessly blend with the rest of the colours, so you need to decide the look you want to achieve.

Excessive use of black will make the space appear claustrophobic, so balance it with a crisp white for a contemporary classic look that won’t age. Use a pop of intense red or green to complete the look. Pair black with grey and brown to achieve an icy, den-like kitchen feel.

The Bottom Line

Voila, ten choicest kitchen cabinet colour trends for 2023 and beyond! With the above tips, you can easily peg down your choices for selecting kitchen cabinet colours and achieve the look you desire. You can choose a stylish or ageless look, but ensure it’s something you love.

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