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Pros & Cons of Kitchen Drawers and Cupboards

Kitchen Drawers or Cupboards – What’s Best for Your Home?

Are you undertaking a modern kitchen renovation or building custom cabinetry to make your kitchen highly functional, convenient, spacious, and appealing? And you’re contemplating whether to install kitchen cupboards or drawers. Both come with their advantages and drawbacks, so considering them first will help you decide what storage type you need to choose.

Kitchen Drawer Storage

Kitchen Drawers

Kitchen drawers are elegant and look modern, which is a perfect choice for a contemporary kitchen.

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Advantages of Kitchen Drawer

Excellent Accessibility

With a pull, kitchen drawers open towards the outside for access, and they are horizontal sliding compartments. Kitchen drawers are an ideal storage option below the waist. Installing drawer runners that extend to the length of the cupboard renders the best accessibility. Besides, you can easily access things as they are at your fingertips.

Cupboards below the waist are not convenient to access, especially when you have to get things you want from the back of the kitchen cupboard. That’s why homeowners are converting lower kitchen cupboards into drawers. However, kitchen drawers are not ideal for upper storage access above the waist. For this reason, homeowners prefer to install open shelves or cupboards for upper storage.

Organising Small Items is Convenient

Kitchen drawers are handy for organising small items like utensils by using boxes, trays, or creating custom compartments. And accessing bulkier items like pots are also easier with drawers because there is no need to pull out any pots at the front to get hold of the ones at the back.

Drawbacks of Kitchen Drawer

Storing Heavy Items Can Get Tricky

Cast iron pots or heavy appliances stored in drawers can cause your drawers to sag and wear out over time. That’s why it’s prudent to invest in a high-quality drawer system. If you want to use drawers for storing heavy items, it’s vital to consider drawers with larger capacity and higher weight limits at the kitchen design planning phase. Here, the recommendations of a professional kitchen designer can be helpful.

Drawers Can Get Difficult to Repair

As drawers run on a rail system, they are more vulnerable to damage. And if the drawer’s face gets separated, replacing it is not easy. However, installing high-quality drawer systems will help avert this from happening.

Kitchen Cupboard Storage

Kitchen Cupboards

The kitchen cupboard shelving can accommodate numerous items like dishes, cups, cookware, and appliances.

Advantages of Kitchen Cupboards

Durable & Lasting

The kitchen cupboard is durable and lasting, which is a huge advantage. Besides, after many years of use, kitchen cupboards may require replacing hinges that only need ten minutes or less.

Easy to Organise

Kitchen cupboards provide ample shelving for bowls, dishes, cups, and water glasses. It is easy to place and arrange items in a kitchen cupboard, protecting them from damages.


The kitchen cupboard is relatively less pricey than drawers, as they only have one board for the face; whereas, a drawer will have five pieces and a rail system.

Drawbacks of Kitchen Cupboards

Difficult to Get Hold of Items

It is not easy to place something at the back inside a kitchen cupboard. And shuffling through items can cause them to fall out or fall over, resulting in things breaking and spilling.

Less Appealing

Many homeowners may find cupboards less appealing than drawers; however, it depends on an individual’s perception of style and taste.

Less Value

If your goal is to increase the resale value of your home and so you’re undertaking a kitchen renovation, then you may want to choose a modern drawer system.

The Bottom Line

Striking a balance between the two types of kitchen storage will provide you with functional, convenient, and spacious storage. For instance, you can install kitchen drawers below the waist and kitchen cupboards above the waist.

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