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7 Ultimate Kitchen Flooring Options

Whether you’re taking up a kitchen renovation project or building an entirely new kitchen, kitchen flooring needs to be performed correctly so that it serves you for many years without any hassles. Here are the most popular kitchen flooring options, and you won’t go wrong with any of them:

1. Linoleum Kitchen Flooring

Linoleum Kitchen Flooring

Linoleum is your solution if you’re looking for kitchen flooring that can tolerate lots of wear and tear. Homeowners love the softness of this material that they can feel under their feet, and they are easy to clean and maintain. And Linoleum material is durable, as it can last up to 2 to 3 decades or even more. As it is affordable, the pricing makes this material more attractive. Linoleum is available in different colours and patterns and is made from natural, 100% renewable, and recyclable materials.

2. Cork Kitchen Flooring

Cork Kitchen Flooring

Cork is a light material harvested from the cork oak tree, found in regions of Europe, such as Spain and Portugal, and Northern Africa. Cork flooring is gradually getting popular across Australia, used for building since ancient times. It is robust, and its textured surface makes it aesthetically pleasing. With its springiness and cushioning abilities, cork is comfortable on the body. Cork material available in planks or tiles is resistant to moisture, mould, and high temperatures. Moreover, cork suppresses noise and retains heat naturally.

3. Vinyl Kitchen Flooring

Vinyl Kitchen Flooring

Vinyl is available in diverse colours and styles and is often confused with Linoleum material. It is resilient but less than Linoleum flooring material. It gives a distinctive appeal and is often the preferred choice of busy homeowners. You can easily install Vinyl over your existing floor. Modern Vinyl can mimic diverse surfaces, including wood, metal, slate, stone, leather, and ceramic.

4. Laminate Kitchen Flooring

Laminate Kitchen Flooring

Laminate kitchen flooring is an affordable and durable option that you will see in many high-traffic households. As textures are so genuine, it is hard to distinguish superior quality laminates from original stone, wood, and ceramic flooring. Moreover, laminate flooring is resistant to moisture and soft to walk on. You can create the look you want by blending laminate strips, tiles, or planks. And you can give a unique touch to your kitchen flooring by selecting a finish of your choice.

5. Ceramic or Porcelain Tile Kitchen Flooring

Porcelain Tile Kitchen Flooring

Both Porcelain and Ceramic tiles are the best flooring options in Australia. They are available in a range of styles and are robust. Whether you desire a glazed or high gloss finish, or bold geometric patterns in rectangles, squares, octagons, and hexagons, they look simply magnificent. Additionally, Porcelain and Ceramic materials can mimic other materials. Choose stone tiles to get a more opulent look.

6. Wood Kitchen Flooring

Wood Kitchen Flooring

Hardwood flooring brings warmth, character, a sense of craftsmanship and is aesthetically pleasing. It is the preferred choice among homeowners. Wood is resistant to spills and stains. And hardwood flooring works flawlessly with carpets and rugs that are lied down to provide added comfort for the foot. Wood will endure for many years, and then you can inject new life into the boards by painting, staining, or refinishing. Hardwood is available in two types –

  • Pulled out from a single piece of solid timber
  • The engineered version is made using composite layers of thin hardwood.

7. Bamboo Kitchen Flooring

Bamboo Kitchen Flooring

Bamboo is an extensively used natural material, used in everything from clothing to beautiful kitchen flooring. Bamboo is a more viable option than traditional hardwood floors and looks classy. It is sustainable and can be harvested quickly as a renewable resource. Bamboo is versatile and available in diverse textures, sizes, and styles – choose from natural or coloured, tiles or planks, solid or engineered.

Other Kitchen Flooring Options

Rubber flooring and concrete kitchen floors are growing in popularity, and both materials suit contemporary kitchens seamlessly.

  • Rubber flooring is a bouncy material having a soft surface and is water-resistant. The features of rubber flooring are drawing the attention of homeowners across Australia. Typically, you will see them in weight rooms and gyms.
  • You can dye or polish concrete kitchen flooring to make it a head-turning feature in your modern kitchen. It does not absorb water and is easy to clean.

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