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Kitchen Island Vs. Kitchen Peninsula

Should You Choose a Kitchen Island Or Kitchen Peninsula?

Whether you undertake kitchen renovation or build a new kitchen from scratch, you’ll have to decide between a kitchen island and a kitchen peninsula to add functionality and convenience. Both peninsula and island are perfect for adding tabletop space and cupboard storage to a kitchen. An island is a freestanding structure that offers four sides access; whereas, the peninsula is attached to a wall or an existing bench space that offers access to two or three sides.

Depending on your kitchen layout, available space, and budget, you can choose between an island and a peninsula. You’ll need to know more about both options, to decide what is best for your kitchen layout.

Kitchen Peninsula

Kitchen Peninsula

  • The kitchen peninsula provides serving and seating space while keeping the main traffic areas free for easy movement.
  • A peninsula can provide space for your kids to do their homework or arts and crafts without being inside the kitchen. It facilitates parental assistance or supervision without obstructing the cook’s workflow.
  • Peninsula is the perfect choice where informal seating is needed or in a smaller kitchen.
  • As the peninsula is attached to an existing kitchen wall, it has to match with the rest of your kitchen to look coherent and visually pleasing.
  • A peninsula is an affordable alternative with generally lower costs than islands.

Kitchen Island

Kitchen Island

  • The kitchen island is ideal for food preparation and cooking or can serve as an extended dining area with stools or chairs tucked in from the other side.
  • Island provides practical storage through kitchen drawers or cabinets beneath it.
  • Island also provides space for kids to complete their homework with parental assistance or supervision.
  • An island facilitates the kitchen triangle rule – easy to access oven, fridge, and sink.
  • Match the island to the rest of the kitchen or make it stand out as a feature.
  • Island requires a spacious kitchen.
  • Island has a higher upfront cost and can get pricey.
  • Potential buyers will be impressed with the island and offer better value when selling your house.

The Bottom Line

Should you go for an island or a peninsula? The available space in your kitchen and your budget are the main deciding factors.

  • If your kitchen is spacious, an island will be best suited, as it facilitates better use of the area with convenient access from all four sides. The island is a pricier option.
  • On the other hand, the kitchen peninsula is a better option for kitchens with limited space or smaller kitchens and is a cost-effective solution.

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