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Kitchen Trends 2021 Australia

11 Best Kitchen Trends 2021 in Australia – All You Need to Know

Regardless of whether you want to renovate your entire kitchen or just refresh boring and dated kitchen cabinets and cupboards, a thriving kitchen design blends numerous components such as kitchen layout design, worktops, cabinets, kitchen appliances, etc. We are excited to share some of the striking kitchen trends that have taken the momentum.

1. Kitchen Layout Design Ideas

Are you looking for some fresh ideas for designing a small kitchen or luxury kitchen in traditional, modern, or contemporary style? Well, get some inspiration from our kitchen layout design ideas:

  • L Shape Kitchen: The L-shaped kitchen features two adjacent benchtops. This layout effortlessly supports the work triangle comprising the cooktop, sink, and fridge. This layout is suitable for both medium and small kitchens.

  • U Shape Kitchen: A U-shaped kitchen features three walls that blend the custom cabinetry and bench space seamlessly within a fair amount of floor area. It provides adequate storage options for a medium-sized kitchen. This layout is perfect for medium, large and luxury kitchens.

  • G Shape Kitchen: When a peninsula is added to a U-shaped kitchen, then it transforms into a G-shaped kitchen. This layout facilitates adequate storage, added bench space, and facilitate multiple cooks. This layout works well when it is connected to an open-plan living area.

  • Straight Line Kitchen: Straight line kitchen is also known as a one-wall kitchen layout. This layout ensures that the cooktop, sink, and all of the kitchen appliances are within arm’s reach at most times. This layout is ideal for smaller homes and apartments.

  • Galley Kitchen: The galley kitchen layout has two parallel bench spaces with a walkway in between – ideal for medium and small kitchens.

    View our kitchen design gallery for better ideas.

2. Smart Kitchens

Smart Kitchen Design

Well, integration of technology into every function and kitchen appliances from taps and dishwasher to oven, microwave, and refrigerator is termed as smart kitchens. Most of the kitchens build today are technologically ready from the ground up, so they are smart kitchens. Nonetheless, smart kitchen appliances, sensors, and other devices can be added to older kitchens to enhance the functionality and convenience of the homeowner.

3. Creating a Stress-Free Kitchen Environment

Modern clean lines are all about neat, orderly and simple looks, creating a stress-free environment. The last few years have witnessed the removal of upper wall cabinets as it opens up the visual space, making the kitchen look larger and luminous. Besides, it facilitates you to use the bench space more efficiently. Kitchen trends are toward keeping it simple yet elegant with a beautiful benchtop and lighting.

4. Kitchen Cabinet Colours

Matte black, peacock blue, hunter green, olive green and sage green are top colour options that are in trend for cabinets. Nonetheless, dark kitchen cabinets radiate elegance and a plush ambience effortlessly that is hard to achieve by other colours. In the end, it is your liking and instinct that you need to follow while selecting the colour for your cabinets.

5. Resourceful Cabinet Storage Solutions

Homeowners are looking for resourceful storage solutions within the cabinetry. It can include pull-outs for spices, tray dividers, drawer dividers for cutlery and utensils, roll-out trays and caddies for pots and pans, hidden cabinet spaces to accommodate small appliances and wastebasket cabinets for recyclables and garbage. This will help in storing foodstuff, utensils and small appliances resourcefully.

6. Quartz Countertops are the Hot Favourites

When it comes to countertop selection especially for luxury kitchens, quartz countertops remain the preferred choice, which is closely followed by granite. Quartz is easy to maintain, anti-microbial and long-lasting. Granite may require somewhat more maintenance than quartz but is more robust and durable. The trend is towards neutral, softer colours such as white, off-white, grey and dusky brownish-grey finishes.

7. Single Level Multipurpose Kitchen Islands

Kitchen Island with Storage

Kitchen islands have become a centrepiece and the heart of the kitchen. Single level, larger sizing, multipurpose islands are popular according to the latest kitchen trends and it’s because there is less wall cabinet space in the kitchen design nowadays. The larger kitchen islands can accommodate storage cabinets underneath for storing kitchen appliances or other stuff and at the same time, it provides seating and serving as a regular dining space. Above all, the kitchen island can make a statement.

8. Ornamental Exhaust Hood

Ornamental exhaust hoods are a stunning feature, but they can get expensive. Custom steel hoods can make a fantastic add-on to your new kitchen, so ensure you make room for it in your budget and get creative with your space!

9. Kitchen Flooring

When it comes to kitchen flooring, hardwood is very much in demand. Ceramic flooring is the second most sought after alternative, which is gaining in popularity. Ceramic flooring is available in a huge range of styles, sizes and designs. For instance, you can get ceramic tiles that appear similar to hardwood flooring. If you want to retain the look of the hardwood but need a material that is simpler to maintain, then choose ceramic flooring. Apart from wood, ceramic tiles can be made to imitate an array of other materials including natural stone. Besides, the surface texture is altered to replicate these materials.

10. Walk-In Pantries

With the open concept’s rising popularity in open shelving and window walls, walk-in pantries have also become a requisite. These walk-in pantries can be kept open for easy access or kept behind closed doors. Some homeowners use them as a second kitchen that holds kitchen appliances such as beverage refrigerators and dishwashers. A walk-in pantry space acts as an extension to the kitchen, helping the kitchen to look neat, clean and orderly.

11. Adorable & Relaxing Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor Indoor Kitchen

Homeowners are very much interested to connect their kitchen to an outdoor space or patio – this is the outcome of the ongoing worldwide pandemic. Previously, homeowners liked the outdoor kitchens, but now they believe they must connect to the outdoor kitchen or outdoor space from the indoor kitchen area. The reason is simple – we all want to breathe fresh and free oxygen that’s available in plenty outdoors.

    • Homeowners are finding out ways to add entry points from the kitchen to access the outside areas. One option is to install a glass door in the kitchen, which will allow you, to connect these two areas in your home effortlessly.

    • The other thing that’s trending is getting rid of the existing small window above the sink and mounting 5.5 – 6.5 foot wide windows, this not only increases the ventilation but also the view. It demands some re-framing work and removal of the wall cabinets.

The Bottom Line

Voila, these are some of the latest kitchen trends! These kitchen ideas blend the best practicality, convenience and aesthetics to create a highly functional kitchen. You can follow these kitchen trends for your kitchen renovation or new build project in 2021 and beyond.

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