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L-shaped Kitchen Design Tips: Pros and Cons

L-Shaped Kitchen Tips With Pros and Cons
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If you’re planning for a kitchen remodelling or designing a new kitchen, it’s essential to plan for the kitchen design and its layout. The layout plays an important role in your comfort and productivity. It’s also useful for deciding the placement of our kitchen equipment and gadgets.

Today, there are various kitchen design layouts to choose from. One of the most popular ones amongst homeowners is the L-shaped kitchen. Below are some of the pros and cons of an L-shaped kitchen that can help you decide the best for your kitchen.

L-Shaped Kitchen – Pros

  • Great For Open Floor Plans

The L-shaped kitchen can suit any floor design. This type of kitchen gives you enough room and space to store your appliances, gadgets, and kitchen equipment. You get the flexibility of setting any boundaries around the kitchen islands. This layout provides you with more space to walk around.

  • Separate Cooking Area & Sink

The L-shaped kitchen layout provides you with enough space for the preparation area, cooking area, and washing area. Hence, you can work comfortably without constricting yourself. It also enables you to effectively manage the working process as compared to other kitchen layouts.

  • Smart Storage Corners

This layout allows you to add smart corner units to your kitchen, such as Carousel units, Magic corner units, Le Mans pull-out units, etc. Hence, they can provide you with complete storage space.

While opening the corner units, they will rotate outwards and towards you. Thus, you can easily grab the items inside the cabinets. On the contrary, the Carousel unit is circular and will not extend in the outward direction. But, you can rotate them through 360 degrees until you reach your requirement.

  • Eradicates TraffIc

L-shaped kitchens are the most suitable and common types of kitchen designs for your home. Many people choose this layout for their kitchen remodelling because it can be a guest-friendly area in their home. This layout eradicates the traffic in your kitchen, so you can easily accommodate and interact with your guest while cooking. When you divide the workstation in your area, it creates an illusion of bigger and more space.

  • More Productivity

The L-shaped kitchen layout reduces the hassles and increases productivity. A bigger space allows you to move more and become more efficient. You can expect to have excellent results with an L-shaped kitchen layout. 

  • Work Triangle

With an L-shaped kitchen, you can apply the work triangle in small kitchens as it will render enough space to work and walk around. Be it preparation or cooking, or washing, you can get the most out of an L-shaped kitchen.

  • Effective For Small Kitchens

This layout can make the area appear more spacious. It is an excellent option for medium to small-sized kitchens as this layout needs only two adjacent walls.

L-Shaped Kitchen – Cons

  • Applies To Single Cook Only

L-shaped kitchen layouts are usually suitable for small kitchens. It can be found in big spaces but is typically meant for smaller spaces. It may create a ruckus in the kitchen if there are multiple cooks in a limited area, which will make it difficult for them to work in the kitchen.

  • Corner Cabinets Might Be a Hurdle

The limitation with an L-shaped kitchen is you need to set up a trolley unit in the corner cabinets. This is because it can be an issue for you to access the cooking equipment like a kettle, frying pans, etc.

Summing Up

L-shaped kitchens are very effective in many ways. It is the most suitable kitchen layout as compared to other layouts. It is an excellent way to use each and every corner of your kitchen.

The layout can elevate the space of your kitchen. Do consider these pros and cons while installing an L-shaped kitchen.

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