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Open Plan Kitchen Design Ideas

Open Plan Kitchen Design Ideas to Optimise Storage Space

Open plan kitchen design layouts are typically attached to the living room or dining room to make the kitchen spacious, highly functional, and comfortable. Merging the kitchen with your living area or dining space and removing any walls or dividers will make the area roomier and increase the amount of light. Furthermore, it will facilitate everyone in the home to get together in one space to have meals or celebrate an occasion.

Here are the popular open-plan kitchen designs:

Open Plan Kitchen with Living Room

An open-plan kitchen design combining the living room is perfect if you want to increase family time. This kitchen design will help you supervise your children while you are busy making breakfast or talking to your spouse.

Combining the kitchen with the living room maximises the space, and you can place the island in a fitting place as your dining space, creating extra storage. This arrangement will help you get rid of your dining table, or if you’re a big, joint family, you can keep both the kitchen island and dining table for enough sitting arrangement. It will also be helpful when you arrange a party or throw a celebration inviting your relatives or friends.

Cleverly selecting the best kitchen layout will help maximise the space, creating sufficient space for all your kitchen appliances and gadgets, food prep, cooking and washing, and comfortable living spaces.

Open Plan Kitchen with Dining Room

Open Plan Kitchen Dining Room

Another popular open plan option is combining the kitchen with the dining room. This arrangement means there are no obstructing walls or doors, making serving a breeze. If you like to throw dinner parties inviting your friends, you can become the perfect host without missing out on the fun.

Semi-Open Plan Kitchen Living Room

A semi-open plan kitchen living room provides all the advantages of an open plan layout, offering a bit of privacy. To achieve this, integrate clever shelving or half walls to create dividers between different zones.

Optimising Space Per Your Needs

Get a clear understanding of how you’ll use your open-plan kitchen layout. For instance:

  • Require more worktop/work surface.

  • Want to create more space for your kitchen appliances and gadgets.

  • Having more living space is your priority.

Answering the above questions will help you make vital decisions, such as having casual seating around an island or having a dining table, or make provision for a children’s play area, or accommodating a large sofa.

Do You Require an Additional Room?

Having a separate space for doing utility or laundry room is a much-needed space that will save you from having to gaze at clothes drying while you’re relaxing or having your meal. It will also curtail the noise from the washing machine. A separate room will also help you store your mop, bucket, vacuum cleaner, ironing board, etc., conveniently and handy without disturbing your living area.

Should I Consult An Open Plan Kitchen Designer?

Consulting a kitchen designer before commencing your project will help improve your understanding of kitchen design trends in Australia. And it will help you to choose the best kitchen design that perfectly fits the space and your requirements. For instance, you want the best place for your furnishings, and any underfloor heating is zoned appropriately. When you’re aware of the final kitchen design before the start of the project, in all likelihood, you’ll get a more precise quote.

If you need assistance with an open-plan kitchen renovation, contact Emporium Kitchens at (02) 9645 6706 or get a kitchen quote online, and our expert kitchen designers will be happy to assist you.

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