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Small Bathroom Space Ideas

6 Practical Ideas to Optimise Small Bathroom Space

Do you have a small bathroom and are you thinking of upgrading it to make it practical, comfortable, and stylish? Well, a bathroom renovation can undo the design flaws and revive a tiny bathroom, optimising the available space and making it functional and convenient to use.

Here are small bathroom ideas that will guide you to transform your tiny bathroom, making it functional, convenient, and elegant.

1. Interiors for a Small Bathroom

It is best to keep it simple and elegant! Don’t exaggerate it with fancy patterned interior decor. Use neutral colours in your interiors, such as ivory, pearl white, beige, light grey, light green, light yellow, or light brown. Selecting one of these soft neutral colours will make your small space appear larger.

2. Add Pops of Colour

Boost the beauty of your neutral tone bathroom interiors by adding pops of colour. Add maroon or coral coloured towels on open shelves, place a luminous red or maroon bathmat, and spice it with aqua laundry baskets. Place a small plant pot in one corner, or where there is some space and looks classy, it will bring in freshness to your small bathroom.

3. Getting the Cabinetry and Storage Right

  • If you have installed vanity cabinets, which require a lot of space, you need to think about it. You can remove them and select a dressing table reserved for the bedroom. It will give you the option of adding a sink above the table, and you get an open space beneath, which you can consider for creating extra storage.

  • Create recesses in the walls to store your toiletries – the ideal space for this would be above a bathtub.

  • Instead of a built-in cupboard, use open shelving to store your folded towels, and it will create the illusion of more space.

  • Do you have a bathtub? You can install towel racks in the wall just above your bathtub. This trick can optimise the available wall space in a small bathroom.

  • If cabinetry works in your bathroom design, you can install mirrors on your cabinet doors, which will give the illusion of a spacious bathroom.

  • Choose curved corner cabinetry, as it will lend your small bathroom a gentle and rounded appearance, and it will not hurt you if you bang into it by chance.

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Tiny Bathroom Ideas

4. Smart Additions to Make a Small Bathroom Roomier

  • Don’t install different floor tiles for your shower area; instead, use the same floor tiles for your entire bathroom area. It guides the eye along the tile line, making your bathroom appear roomier.

  • Avoid small sinks; instead, install one long narrow trough sink – it is a practical solution for a tiny bathroom space.

  • Opt clear glass shower screen or better is an open ‘wet room’ ambience, as it will open up the space and decrease your cleaning work.

  • Fit a sliding door instead of a door that opens into the small bathroom. It will make your bathroom spacious.

5. Let Natural Light Flow In

A small bathroom should get a decent amount of natural light. If your bathroom has a window, but you’re not comfortable with it, as you feel it invades your privacy. Don’t block out your window or hook a curtain over it; instead, you can apply frosted glass film over it or replace your window with frosted glass. It will facilitate natural light to flow into your bathroom. Conversely, if there is no means for the natural light to get into your bathroom, then you can install a skylight. Bathroom skylights can make the small spaces luminous and open up your room.

6. Add Mirrors in Your Bathroom Interior

Mirrors can transform any room and make it appear spacious, and the bathroom is no exception. Mirrors can effortlessly reflect light, and using them prudently will help maximise available space. You can consider adding mirrors to your bathroom space, and here are some ways to do it:

  • Add a large mirror above the vanity.

  • Add a sizeable mirror above your bathtub.

  • Add mirrors to your cabinet doors.

Efficiently using the natural light available in your space with practical interiors can make a tiny bathroom look roomier and convenient!

Do you want to upgrade your small bathroom to make it functional and spacious?

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