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10 Small Kitchen Design Ideas That Can Transform Your Kitchen!

Are you looking to upgrade your small kitchen to optimise existing storage, make it spacious and visually appealing? Well, we have created this blog keeping in mind desperate Sydney homeowners who want to revive their small kitchen by infusing some fresh life into it. Here are the ten small kitchen design ideas that have the power to transform your kitchen experience.

1. White Small Kitchen Design

White reflects light and makes your small kitchen look more open and roomy. Make sure you use diverse shades and textures of the colour for your small, white kitchen. Choose glossy, matte and wooden grain with hues of cream, ivory, off-white and grey.

2. Stick to a Single Palette or Similar Hues

To get a smooth, luxurious look without any blockages, you need to integrate shades from one colour family. In case, if you want to experiment with more colour combinations, then stick to only two or three variations to get the best outcomes for your small kitchen. Get a neutral backdrop for your kitchen design such as cool-white, bluish-grey, charcoal, charcoal-grey, ebony, dull-white, greyish-white, greenish-grey, olive-grey, etc. Complement it with bright and bold colours through cabinet handles and knobs, kitchen appliances and splashback/tiles.

3. Open Shelving

These days, open shelving is in the trend and found in many of the small kitchen design layouts. Open shelving gives a feeling of more space, open up your walls and make the kitchen look fresh and lively. However, you will need to undertake regular cleaning to keep open shelves clutter-free time to time in a small kitchen. Conversely, closed wall cabinetry can make your small kitchen appear even smaller and lacking in space.

4. Transform Your Kitchen Cabinets into Kitchen Drawers

To use available space efficiently, integrate pull-outs or racks inside your kitchen cabinetry. Alternatively, you can have pull-outs within your kitchen cupboards. That is because cupboards cannot store as many items as the pull-outs or drawers can. So, heaps of space gets squandered above the stored items in a cabinet. Around three to four drawers can easily fit in place of one cupboard, enabling a more organised arrangement. Besides, all items placed inside of a drawer easily seen and accessible. Moreover, you can use dividers to categorise items placed in drawers.

Small Kitchen Design with Appliances

5. Intelligent Storage for a Small Kitchen Design

    • Stretch Your Kitchen Cupboards to the Ceiling: Modern kitchen cabinets do not waste any space but use every nook and corner space intelligently. Don’t waste space that’s above the wall cabinets – anyway it will be tough to clean the dust piled up there. So contact your cabinet maker who makes custom cabinetry and tell him to extend the cabinets to the ceiling or construct new custom cabinets to fill that space, which will enable storing more items.

    • Integrated Kitchen Appliances: Create integrated cabinet storage to keep your kitchen appliances out of sight. It will help you to have a neat and clean benchtop space. Choose multi-purpose kitchen appliances such as oven-cum-microwave wherever possible. It will help you to have a smaller number of kitchen appliances so that you get more space.

    • Other Storage Alternatives: Every small kitchen design needs to maximise the available space optimally. Create smart open shelving for storing pots, pans and cutlery on empty wall spaces. With pot racks, cutlery hooks and magnetic knife strips, you can optimise storage further in your small kitchen.

6. Make Sure the Cabinets are Efficient, Smooth & Contemporary

Change heavy knobs and handles with slim and sleek handles, finger pulls, magnetic strips or tiny knobs. It will give your kitchen cabinetry with a minimalist and contemporary look, making the room appear spacious. Choose the right cabinet materials to transform your small kitchen experience.

7. Choose for an Open Design or Layout

Well, open kitchen design is perfect for a small space. A kitchen that naturally flows into the connected room does not look jam-packed. Either select an L-shaped or one-wall kitchen layout to get optimal results.

8. Integrate Reflective & Shiny Materials

The trick is to create an illusion of space! Well, glass and mirrors work best to create the illusion of space. For instance, you can use glass on the cabinet and cupboard doors. Besides, you can install a glass or mirror splashback to get the feeling of spaciousness.

9. Adorn Your Kitchen with Some Green Plants

A spirited and breezy kitchen corner is a delight to the eyes. If you have a window in your kitchen, then you can decorate your window by placing some indoor plants on the windowsill. In case you don’t have a window inside the kitchen still, you can place bottled or canned plants around your sink. Even a tedious kitchen will come to life when integrated with some green plants.

10. Allow Sufficient Light to Enter In

In case you’re upgrading a closed kitchen, integrate a window that will take your attention into the open and at the same time, bring liberal light inside. Well, you might miss on some extra wall storage, but you will save your kitchen from getting confined.

Final Words

Every homeowner dream of having a beautiful kitchen that has a decent workspace, as well as, has excellent storage space for comfortably storing all kitchen appliances and food preparation essentials. The above-mentioned small kitchen design ideas will help you to accomplish just that when undertaking a fresh kitchen renovation for your house.

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