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Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Top 3 Reasons to Choose Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Are you confused about whether to go with ready-made cabinets or custom cabinetry for your kitchen? Both have their own merits; however, the main differentiating elements are the price and lead time. In this blog, we’ll put forward some other vital aspects that will further help you choose custom kitchen cabinets of your dream.

1. Customised Design & Measurements

Since ready-made cabinets manufactured in bulk for the mass market, they are available in standard sizes and styling. When you opt for a custom kitchen cabinet, these limitations get eliminated. And you get freedom in determining the measurements of your kitchen cabinetry and cupboards. At Emporium Kitchens, we can design your drawers, cabinets, and cupboards in the precise sizes that will allow you to store all your kitchen stuff securely, neatly, and conveniently. It also means your custom kitchen cabinets will occupy the space without leaving any gaps or leftover space around.

Moreover, you’ll have the liberty to select the colour of your choice, along with other stylistic preferences. You can choose a glossy or matt cabinetry finish option. Choose the traditional appearance for your cabinetry and cupboards or opt for modern handle-less cabinetry that provides smooth surfaces and clean lines. When you opt for a custom kitchen cabinet maker, it offers you limitless opportunities to create distinctive kitchen cabinetry and cupboard per your preferences, which is gratifying.

2. Installation & Support

When selecting a custom kitchen cabinet maker, the nature of getting a bespoke fitment for your home means there is an extensive level of communication and support to ensure your requirements get fulfilled. At Emporium Kitchens, our designers are always looking to offer you with a gratifying renovation journey both during and after the kitchen remodelling project.

Ready-made cabinets purchased directly from the shelf are mostly DIY (do-it-yourself) projects. Conversely, when you opt for a custom kitchen cabinet maker, you’ll get excellent support. For instance, an optional project management program that facilitates your other trades work and your project timelines get organised without you taking any worries.

3. Quality & Health Safety

The material quality used in constructing custom kitchen cabinets is more dependable than stock (ready-made) cabinets. Kitchen cabinet makers are the preferred choice when you want your cabinetry to endure and last longer. Ready-made cabinets assembled using imported construction materials without following Australian standard compliance. At Emporium Kitchens, we source only local MDF for custom cabinetry construction as it offers durability and health safety assurance.

Nonetheless, quality is not limited to MDF material but extends to other kitchen areas like drawer sliders, doors, and other mechanisms like integrated bins and pull-out pantries. We use and recommend high-quality kitchen cabinet materials of prominent brands such as Blum Hardware, Corian, Caesarstone and Quantum Quartz.

Do you want to uphold the value of your home for many years down the line? Well, selecting a custom kitchen cabinet maker will make it possible and help maintain an excellent return on your investment.

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