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Reasons to choose outdoor kitchen

Why Should You Go For A Custom Outdoor Kitchen? Our Top 5 Reasons

Homeowners considered an alfresco kitchen a luxury in the past, but nowadays, it is considered a necessity. Furthermore, a custom outdoor kitchen design will add value to your house and makes it highly desirable in the eyes of potential home buyers. Here are the five reasons to opt for a custom outdoor kitchen:

1. Customised Design & Storage Solution

Opting for a custom outdoor kitchen enables you to design and create storage solutions per your unique needs. Whether you want storage solutions for your organisational drawers for keeping your cutlery and utensils or wine bottles, a custom alfresco kitchen makes it possible. You must discuss your requirements with the kitchen designer, specialist, or contractor. A kitchen designer or contractor can build all aspects of your custom outdoor kitchen around your requirements.

2. Custom Cabinetry Is Made Per Your Requirements

Regardless of your location, space or layout, you can build a custom outdoor kitchen per your requirements. Conversely, when you buy a modular or flat pack unit, you’re purchasing particular components in standard sizes that you can place in your alfresco kitchen. Well, ready-made kitchens will get the job done, but when you build a custom kitchen, you can have it built per your unique requirements, addressing your concerns. Freedom of choice is the main attraction for a custom-built alfresco kitchen. So, you can design the custom cabinets, cooking area, sink space etc., to perfectly fit the layout of your outdoor kitchen area.

3. Choice of Colours & Finishes

Flat-pack or ready-made outdoor kitchens have a limited choice of colours and finishes. When you go with a custom outdoor kitchen, you can choose from an incredible range of colours for cabinet doors or choose a unique colour to powder coat if you have something special in mind.

The finishes you select will also impact your kitchen’s overall ambience. For instance, if you want a bright and lighted kitchen, you should select a gloss finish as it will reflect light and open up space. Conversely, a matte finish will be the opposite, as it won’t reflect light. However, a matte finish looks contemporary and offers a warmer feel. Furthermore, matte finishes open up your choices of darker colours without worrying that they will absorb all the light and make your space feel congested.

4. Ability to Purchase Outdoor Kitchen Appliances Per Your Needs

When designing a custom alfresco kitchen, you can compare various outdoor kitchen appliances and select the right appliances. People have different needs, so a modular standard kitchen may only fit some people’s needs. Some may require all the facilities of a kitchen in their outdoor kitchen, while some may only require an outdoor BBQ kitchen and some custom-built cabinetry to hold particular items.

5. Boosts the Value of Your Home

When designing a custom outdoor kitchen, you’re building a kitchen to suit your space. Home buyers are looking for an alfresco kitchen, so having a custom outdoor kitchen with a fully functional outdoor cooking centre will instantly add value to your biggest asset. For instance, once the house is sold, a home buyer can remove the modular kitchen, so it is not seen as adding value like custom built-in units. BBQ culture is growing in Australia, so a fully functional outdoor kitchen that integrates flawlessly into the home’s design will make your neighbours envy.

Final Words

With a custom outdoor kitchen, you have the design, layout, cabinetry, sink, appliances and all other aspects under your control. You can build an alfresco kitchen per your precise requirements which may not be possible with a modular or flat-pack outdoor kitchen. Therefore, based on your requirements and budget, you must decide between a custom and modular outdoor kitchen

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