Laundry Renovations Sydney

Laundry Cabinetry And Makeover Solutions In Sydney

Emporium Kitchens is your one-stop destination for high-quality, durable and stylish custom cabinetry solutions for kitchens, bathrooms, laundries, bedrooms, living rooms and commercial offices. With over 35 years of experience, we also specialise in innovative, practical and classy laundry renovations along with customised laundry room cabinets, and laundry fit-outs solution in Sydney.

As an established cabinet maker in Sydney, Emporium Kitchens borrows the latest in cabinetry technology from prominent manufacturers and brings you innovative and modern laundry designs and solutions for your homes. Committed to quality, practicality and elegance, we offer value for money laundry cabinetry solutions. Our core values reflect in every laundry cupboard that we manufacture, supply and install. Our strength as an expert cabinetmaker lies in our ability to combine practicality and beautiful looks.

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Laundry Cabinetry And Makeover Solutions In Sydney

Laundry Renovation Ideas

Choosing the Right Laundry Layout

The laundry layout should be highly-functional space that is ideal for your workflow and workload. Answering the following questions will help you in choosing the right laundry layout.

  • How do you want to place your appliances – stacked, wall-mounted or side by side?
  • How you want to use the laundry space and what tasks will you be performing frequently?

At Emporium Kitchens, we can assist you to figure out the most practical layout for your available laundry space.

Choosing the Right Laundry Layout
Custom Laundry Room Cabinets & Shelving

Custom Laundry Room Cabinets & Shelving

If you need a tidy and organised feel, then custom laundry cabinets and shelving is the way to go. Besides, you can even hide your appliances behind a built-in. If you choose to conceal your laundry appliances, then don’t forget about ventilation. For optimal durability and to ensure no water damage occurs over time, you will need moisture resistant cabinetry and shelving for your laundry. Stainless steel shelving is excellent as it can facilitate linen to dry. Benchtop cabinets, eye-level or overhead laundry cupboard, ironing board cupboard, washing machine cupboard,  and base cabinets are all among the widely-used laundry cabinetry alternatives.

Choose Laundry Benchtops to Maximise Workspace

Engineered stone is non-porous and durable benchtop material that looks beautiful, and it is ideal for a laundry benchtop surface for a wet environment. Thus, you can install a Quantum or Caesarstone quartz benchtop in your laundry and maximise your workspace for folding, ironing, storage etc. If you need a cost-effective option, then go with a laminate that is available in many surface styles. You need to protect the laminate surface from water, and it will serve you for many years.

Choose Laundry Benchtops to Maximise Workspace
Practicality & Efficiency

Practicality & Efficiency

Arrange your laundry appliances such as washer and dryer appropriately, so it is easy to use them. Besides, you should be able to use other areas of your laundry without hassles that include your bench space, ironing board, drying rack, laundry storage cupboards and other features. A well-organised laundry room will provide you with highly-functional and efficient laundry space.

Practical Laundry Flooring

The laundry room should have practical flooring that is durable, easy to clean and water-resistant. Tiles are a cost-effective and durable flooring option and a perfect choice that you can also use behind your benchtop, laundry sink or tub. Don’t install laminate or solid hardwood for laundry flooring because they aren’t a practical option, particularly for a wet area.

Practical Laundry Flooring
Decent Illumination

Decent Illumination

The laundry space should have decent illumination, and the switches also should be easy to operate to turn ON or OFF. If possible, make provision for sunlight to enter inside during the day time, so you can make use of natural light when you’re performing daily chores in the laundry space during the day time. Besides, it is a good idea to install lighting for only certain working areas inside the laundry, which will save energy.

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Why Choose Us for Laundry Renovations in Sydney?

At Emporium Kitchens, we specialise in designing and renovating highly functional and elegant laundries for Sydney homeowners. We also specialise in providing classy kitchen design, kitchen renovations, bathroom vanities, and custom cabinetry solutions for every room, be it the living room, bedroom, guest room or office room.

You will have full control over the laundry design process that means you can decide the budget you are comfortable with. It helps you to determine your finances in advance and accordingly, select a laundry renovation that matches it. It enables you to get quality laundry renovation within your planned budget.

When you assign your laundry renovation job to us, our expert team will take care of things from start to finish, so you don’t have to take any worries.

We will work closely with you, keeping you in the loop all through your laundry renovation project. We will inform you about the progress at every phase of your project.

With high-quality materials, quality craftsmanship and punctual service, we deliver renovation projects on time, every time.

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Laundry Renovations Sydney

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Our showroom is located conveniently at Auburn, Western Sydney, and we provide laundry renovation services across all regions and suburbs of Sydney, which includes Eastern Suburbs, North Shore, the Hills District, Sutherland Shire & other areas.

How Can We Help Renovate Your Laundry Room?

Experts in laundry renovations, Emporium Kitchens can help you to renovate your laundry room as per your specific requirements and budget. We are experts in modern, small, European-style and custom laundry renovations, so we can work with you to accomplish the laundry renovation you envisioned for your home.

Small Laundry Renovations

Sometimes, homeowners tend to think that there is no point in renovating a small laundry room due to the limitation of space. Well, even a modest laundry renovation can make a difference. It can be something as simple as creating some new storage space or pushing out some furnishings to the outer area.

Modern Laundry Renovation

Modern laundry rooms involve intelligent design concepts, such as concealing a washing machine behind the sliding doors in a hallway with a small sink constructed close to it. And add a foldaway ironing board that pulls out from the wall. Thus, you get a convenient modern laundry that you can hide and keep out of sight from visitors and guests.

Custom Laundry Renovation

Emporium Kitchens offer custom laundry renovation services to match your unique requirements. In custom laundry renovations, you select the materials, furniture, equipment etc. that you need, and we will carry out a custom laundry renovation to match your distinctive requirements and lifestyle.

European Style Laundry Renovation

If you want a European style laundry, then you need to incorporate your laundry into your kitchen, and it could be a part of a larger kitchen renovation project.

Laundry Renovation on a Budget

Laundry Renovation on a Budget

Emporium Kitchens undertake laundry renovations for the budget-conscious as well. Below is the bare minimum required for carrying out laundry renovation on a budget.

Alternatively, it can involve upgrading new flooring and applying a fresh coat of paint to a small laundry room (with different light colour-shade such as beige, light green, light yellow or pearl white). Though it is not an extensive overhaul, the final result will be impressive. You can transform the look and feel of your small laundry room by giving it the needed overhaul.

  • Determining the laundry room size.
  • Materials needed for the renovation job.
  • Amount of work required.
  • The furniture you require installing.
  • Duration of renovation.

While other factors will come in, these are the vital ones. As a thumb rule, the more elaborate the laundry renovation gets, the pricier it will get.

How Much Does It Cost For A Laundry Renovation?

You will want to know how much will a laundry renovation cost before you can dive into it! Well, your laundry renovation job will get affected by the following:
  • Your laundry room size.
  • Materials you select for your benchtops, cabinetry and shelving.
  • Brand-new appliances you choose for replacing your existing ones.
  • Flooring selection.
If you want to know how much your laundry renovation will cost, then contact us at Emporium Kitchens on 02 9645 6706 or Get A Quote to schedule a home visit. When one of our expert teams visits your home, then they can figure out what exactly you want from your laundry room and accordingly, they will create a final design and budget draft. Alternatively, you can Get A Quote for laundry renovation service in Sydney.

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Frequently asked questions

A laundry renovation can take from 3 weeks to 6 weeks, or more per the materials selected and installation methods used. Emporium Kitchens will liaise with designers, suppliers and installers under a pre-set process making sure your laundry renovation gets completed per the schedule.

  • Your laundry renovation quote covers the demolition of your existing laundry, getting rid of the waste, applying waterproofing, floor and wall tiling, plastering, plumbing and electrical works.
  • If you are thinking about laundry renovation and want to know how much it will cost you to complete your laundry renovation, call us on 02 9645 6706 and one of our expert and friendly teams will be glad to help you. Or press the Get A Quote button on your contact page to get more information.

A 9-feet wide and 11-feet long is a decent size for a laundry room. The bigger, the better it would get! The door that leads into the laundry room should be a minimum of 32 inches wide.

Our expert designers will work with you to create the best design and storage options for a highly functional and stylish laundry.

Well, every home requires laundry, but not all of them have adequate space for accommodating a separate laundry room. Whether you choose a small laundry room or a European-style one, it needs to be functional, organised and convenient. It is vital to work out the layout and design before commencing work, which will let you maximise the space you have.

  • We always attempt to enhance ventilation and natural light and maximise the storage to make the laundry room more functional and convenient for working.
  • We might recommend combining the laundry and bathroom (if it is workable), so you can enjoy a liberal space with a more functional laundry and bathroom design.

At Emporium Kitchens, we can do a complete floor to ceiling upgrade that will have tiling for the whole room. It can not only make the laundry plush, but it can help harmonise your bathroom.

As far as possible, choose light colours so that it will make the area appear spacious. For instance, you can opt for white, off-white, beige, aqua, mint green, light grey or sun-kissed yellow.

Well, you can save when you renovate multiple rooms at the same time. When you provide us with more work, we can make our quote more cost-effective for you and pass on all the savings to you. Besides, we will perform renovation on your kitchen and laundry simultaneously, so they will get ready at the same time, adding to your convenience.

Durable & Safe Flooring: People prefer waterproof, scratch-resistant and durable flooring
material, such as tiling. We make it a point to remind our clients about safety and recommend other flooring
options, such as vinyl, rubber, cork and bamboo in a laundry renovation.

Practicality & Convenience: Primarily, a laundry room has machines such as a washing machine
and dryer. Besides, it contains other features, such as storage cabinets, hanging or drying rack and ironing
board. Everything needs to be organised in your laundry, so it becomes easy for you to work, doing laundry
chores using less of your effort and time.

Storage Space: A laundry room is convenient to use when it’s organised properly. At Emporium
Kitchens, we can assist with custom-made cabinets
and drawers
keep everything orderly, neat and within reach.

Adequate Lighting: We will try to bring in as much natural light as is possible so that your
laundry room gets liberal lighting when doing laundry in the daytime. For doing laundry chores during night
hours, sufficient artificial lighting should be in place. Besides, the light switches should be smooth to
operate. We recommend artificial lighting for particular areas of your laundry to save energy.

Emporium Kitchens has over three decades of experience in the kitchen industry. We specialise in custom
cabinetry, joinery and woodwork for every room of your home, including kitchen, bathroom, laundry, walk-in-robes, wardrobes, home office fit-outs, study room, home entertainment centres, and storage solutions for your garage and outdoor cabinetry needs.

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