Bathroom Vanity SydneyEmporium Kitchens have been providing designer bathroom cabinetry and vanities to Sydney homeowners for over 35 years. We can custom build bathroom vanity to suit your preferences and budget. We provide a variety of colours, finishes and styles to choose from, for your bathroom vanity doors per your unique taste. You can select from timber, lime-wood or polyurethane.

As a standalone project or as part of a complete bathroom renovation, our bathroom vanity cabinets guaranteed to impress. We pride ourselves on our ability to find the right balance between functionality and style. Apart from bathroom vanity units, we also specialise in kitchen design, kitchen renovations, laundry renovations, walk in wardrobes design and incorporating advanced hinges, storage solutions and accessories into our custom cabinetry range from Australia’s preferred hardware manufacturers.

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Types of Bathroom Vanity Units

Let’s take a look at following three main types to choose from for your bathroom vanity cabinets:

Types of Bathroom Vanity Units

Wall Mounted Vanity

A wall mounted vanity is fixed to the wall surface, saving you vital floor or countertop space. It is also known as floating bathroom vanity because it does not have any pillar or support that touches the floor, facilitating you to store other stuff beneath it.

Freestanding Vanity

A free-standing vanity provides a rectangular or square look and can hold one or two sinks in a place. It is an excellent alternative available in diverse designs and finish-choices. Most of these vanities contain wood materials; however, you’ll find some ceramic pieces around the top areas.

Corner Vanity Unit

Stylish and space-saving corner vanity units give you the power to transform your bathroom corners. Besides, you can customise your corner vanity unit with the design you love. Choose wall-hung or free-standing, traditional or modern, in diverse colour choices, making your corner vanity unit trendy and elegant. Corner vanity units for small bathrooms are a perfect choice. Besides, it is possible to create quality storage space even in the most compact bathroom.

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Bathroom Vanity Styles:

Emporium Kitchens specialise in designing bathroom vanities in different styles as explained below:

Modern Bathroom Vanity Style

Modern bathroom vanities can add an elegant, trendy design to your bath space. Modern bathroom vanity designs offer new materials and clean lines, for a streamlined, pleasing and upmarket look.

Small Bathroom Vanity Style

Smart vanity designs can bundle in lots of storage and style into a compact or small space. Build a custom vanity unit that includes both cabinet doors and drawers to suit your various storage needs. Besides, you can hang an open shelving unit and organise it with beauty products alongside art and accessories.

Timber Vanity Style

Classy timber vanity with visible wood-grain adds warmth and texture to white space. Top it with a vessel basin to resemble nature retreat. Sleek shapes are vital, so choose from simple wall-hung designs to get a floating effect that will also save space, as well as touch-close drawers or recessed handles for clean lines.

Rustic Style Bathroom Vanity

Wood primarily used to build rustic bathroom vanity; however, you’re free to blend your rustic vanity style with something contemporary to refine your style statement.

Shaker Style Bathroom Vanity

Shaker vanity has panelled doors and it is referred to as frame-and-panel construction. They have straight and delicate legs, and sometimes they have a slight taper as well.

Hamptons Style Vanity

Hamptons style vanity and cabinets are usually seen in light grey, light blue or classic white. Besides, a floating vanity is ideal for a small bathroom to provide the illusion of spaciousness and keep the overall ambience of the bathroom clean and light.

White Vanity

Whether it is modern, contemporary, rustic, Hamptons or Shaker-style, white vanity harmonises with any bathroom style and colour.

Black Vanity

While wood grain and white are considered as a safe selection; however, dark colour like black vanity can make a style statement in your lustrous, modern bathroom.

Vintage Vanity

Vintage vanities range from cottage-comfy to trendier and modish styles. If you want to update your bathroom, but have a tight budget, then choose a retro style packed with classic appeal.

Mirrored Bathroom Vanity

Mirrored bathroom vanity can augment the loveliness of your bath space, and they provide a resourceful area to perform your daily grooming.

Luxury Bathroom Vanity

A designer bathroom vanity is a crucial part of a luxurious bathroom as it not only makes the bathroom highly functional but also increases the aesthetics of the space.

Concrete Vanity

Integrating concrete vanity in a bathroom rich in texture is the perfect bathroom design idea. Create a visually appealing space having a natural atmosphere by pairing concrete vanity top with other-natural materials like timber or stone.

Small Powder Room Vanity

A small powder room vanity can be sleek and simple; as it does not need the added storage and space that the main bathroom or ensuite requires. A stylish powder room will leave your guests impressed.

Double Bowl Vanity

Double bowl bathroom vanity often feels plush and upmarket. Pair a floating bathroom vanity and install a broad mirror on the wall covering the area of a twin floating vanity. Keep separate sink bowls, sleek and simple, for his and hers that exudes elegance and style.

Custom Made Bathroom Vanity

When you pay a bit more to build your custom bathroom vanity, it will provide you something unique and may even add a bit of luxury.

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Bathroom Vanity: Material & Size Options

When building new or renovating your existing bathroom, you’ll look at the vanity first. You can select from the different size options and styles available that facilitate you to create the ambience you wish. Vanities help you to store things in an organised manner and help you to maintain a clean and tidy bathroom. As you want to buy a vanity for the long-term, so it is vital to ensure you purchase durable material for your bathroom vanity.

Choose Materials for Your Bathroom Vanity, Such as:

  • Full extension drawers that come with metal sides and soft-close drawers and doors.
  • Low formaldehyde boards that come with high moisture resistance.
  • Solid backs that come with 15mm thickness and high gloss laminate or polyurethane doors.

When you want to upgrade your existing vanity set as part of bathroom renovation or buy a new vanity for your new build, you’ll look at size first before moving forward.

The Standard Popular Vanity Sizes (in width) Include:

Besides, you can custom build a designer bathroom vanity to fit the available space in the counter-top or undermount basins of your bathroom. Bear in mind that custom made bathroom vanity is pricier than standard models. We specialise in designing different sizes (in width) of wooden bathroom vanities available in 600mm, 750mm, 900mm, 1200mm, 1500mm, 1800mm or more options. Most vanities facilitate adding any tapware combination to complete the look.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered some of the most common bathroom cabinetry questions below. If you still have any questions, feel free to contact us at Emporium Kitchens on (02) 9645 6706 or enquire now online, one of our experienced teams will be delighted to help you. Alternatively, you can fill our online contact us web form, and we’ll get back to you.

Is it possible to change my bathroom vanity from the existing floor-standing to a wall-hanging?

Bathroom vanities are heavier, so to support a wall hang vanity, the wall needs strengthening. If you’re undertaking re-tiling work, then this won’t be an issue. Before proceeding, contact your local licensed plumber as you will need to change the plumbing to suit your new wall hung bathroom vanity.

Is there any difference between bathroom vanity and a bathroom cabinet?

Bathroom cabinets that top with a sink are considered vanities. For instance – If you have a set of bathroom cabinets for extra storage; however, they are not connected with a sink, then it is not a bathroom vanity. That means a bathroom vanity is a combination of a sink and the storage beneath or around it. Besides storage, it also conceals uncovered plumbing to keep things looking pristine and orderly.

When should I change my bathroom cabinets?

Well, your bathroom cabinets will last for decades with proper maintenance. However, some instances wherein you’ll find changing your bathroom cabinets inevitable are listed below:

  • You want to add a second sink.
  • You require added storage space.
  • The cabinets look dated or worn out.
  • You’re renovating your bathroom.
  • You’re thinking of selling your house soon.

What colour should I choose for my cabinets to make them look larger?

Choose white or other light colour cabinets, as they can help small bathrooms to look spacious. Choose a small vanity to get square footage in a compact bathroom.

What are the different types of bathroom cabinetry?

Well, you need to have a clear cut idea about what type of cabinets you would love to have in your bathroom. Here are the different bathroom cabinetry types that you can have:

  • Bathroom Vanities: Never settle for an ordinary vanity when you can have an attractive bathroom vanity. Equip your vanity with high-end features, such as hidden hinges, soft-close drawers, custom moulding and integrated lighting.
  • Contemporary Cabinet Design: Consider sleek cabinets with flat panels, hidden hardware, frameless doors and straight lines if you desire modern-day spaces.
  • Traditional Cabinet Design: Furniture-style cabinets adorning exquisite finishes and beautiful drawer pulls create an ageless look in bathrooms equipped with other customary features.
  • Custom Bathroom Storage: A vanity with cabinet space below the sink may not be sufficient. You can increase the storage in your bathroom by installing wall cabinets, linen closets, and tub surrounds.

Are your cabinets outfitted with doors?

All our cabinets come equipped with doors and drawer fronts. Besides, you can customise your cabinets with handles, extra shelves, kickboards, applied end panels and fillers. It is up to you to customise cabinets the way you want them!

What Material Lasts Longer - Ceramic or Engineered Quartz Stone?

Well, ceramic and engineered stone both are durable and lasting materials and stain-resistant too! You’ll get ceramic only in white colour. If you’re looking for a colour other than white, opt for engineered quartz stone (brand Caesarstone), and you can choose from diverse colours and styles that exude sophistication.

How to build ultra-modern bathroom cabinets?

Frameless bathroom cabinets are considered ultra-modern, and they are the designer’s preferred choice for accomplishing a shiny, minimalist look in modern bathrooms. Frameless cabinets are a superb choice, especially for small and compact bathrooms.

  • Frameless construction materials include a range of plywood and engineered woods with a wood veneer or laminate finish.
  • Drawers and doors with the frameless build are full overlay, and they cover the box edges of the cabinet, offering a sleek look.
  • Frameless bathroom cabinets provide generous storage and a smooth European design helping small areas to look spacious.

If you need help to make the right decision, we can help you! Call us at Emporium Kitchens on (02) 9645 6706 or enquire now and speak to one of our experts, who will be glad to assist you! Besides, fill our contact us form for further assistance!

How much space should I leave between my shower screen and bathroom vanity?

At a minimum, you should leave 100mm, which will allow you to get in and clean your shower glass. Never seal up vanity against the glass. Regardless of how meticulously you seal it, it will still gather dust and dirt build-up. Besides, leaving free spaces between items makes the room look spacious.

What are the common bathroom cabinet materials?

Some common bathroom cabinet materials are:

MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard): The MDF is an affordable option, and it is the best choice for homeowners who have a tight budget. Thicker than plywood, MDF is a popular and widely used material in the furnishing industry. MDF material comprises composite fibres and small wood pieces blended with wax or resin. Moreover, you can easily paint MDF material and customise your cabinets to match or contrast the colour of your bathroom interiors.

Solid Wood: Solid wood is robust and lasting material for bathroom vanity cabinets, offering a classic and ageless touch to your bathroom. Solid wood can shrink and enlarge as humidity levels in the bathroom change; thus, homeowners have to take precautions to keep humidity in control.

Plywood: Plywood is also a popular material used to build bathroom vanities. It is ideal for those who want to balance between quality and price. Plywood contains multiple veneers of wood pasted together to form layered sheets. It differs substantially in thickness and quality and enjoys superior strength.

PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride): PVC is an affordable cabinet material, which is beginning to get attention in Australia. It has 100% resistance against water, which is exemplary. Due to this, PVC is a durable and lasting material. PVC has a smooth surface, so it is easy to paint it with any colour of your liking. Besides, it is easier to clean than wooden surfaces and is resistant to high temperatures.

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