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Alfresco Outdoor Kitchen Design And Renovation

At Emporium Kitchens, we have professional kitchen designers with a wealth of experience in providing the elegant alfresco outdoor kitchen design with the custom cabinetry of your dreams and helping you to enhance your lifestyle and maximise your investment.

  • A good design is imperative for adding value to your outdoor kitchen. Your outside kitchen should boost a natural flow and cohesiveness throughout the space
  • Extra space is always welcome in any home; if it is functional and flexible, it commands a better value.
  •  If your alfresco kitchen is covered, it creates additional room and space for cooking and entertaining.
  • When you can use your outside kitchen all year round, it acts like an extension of your interior living space.
  • You should select high-quality kitchen appliances and fittings that can endure. Choose a sink, tap fittings, cooktop, outdoor fridge, stone benchtop and appliances with an ageless design appeal.
Alfresco Outdoor Kitchen Design And Renovation

Experts at Emporium Kitchens can help you to invest prudently in a high-quality barbecue, pizza oven, dedicated wine fridge and dishwasher. We’ll also help you with plumbing for adding hot and cold water taps, power and gas points. Convenience and ease of use will also boost your outdoor kitchen’s value. Investing in constructing high-quality outside kitchens will appeal to potential tenants and home buyers, offering you a good return.

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Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Small Outdoor Kitchens

When you have a small space for building your alfresco kitchen, you need to include the essentials cautiously and see that you have a functional and easy-to-use space. For instance, you can build the stone benchtop, install a barbecue grill at one end, and install a sink by its side with an underneath cabinet, which you can cover with cabinet doors.

Finally, at the other end of your small stone benchtop, you can leave the space for placing a wine fridge below the benchtop – this is good if a shading system or roof does not cover your alfresco area. Depending on space, you can put a small dining table that can seat at least four people. And you can enjoy your small outdoor kitchen all through the year.

Small Outdoor Kitchens
Modern Outdoor Kitchens

Modern Outdoor Kitchens

This type of kitchen will include all the amenities covered in a small outdoor kitchen (mentioned above). Additionally, it will include modern kitchen appliances, such as a freestanding wood fireplace and place a larger dining table to seat more people.

Luxury Outdoor Kitchens

This kitchen will be spacious and an extension of your interior living spaces. Mostly, it will feature a roof with an interior wall, leaving the other three sides open. It will have a large benchtop area, outdoor cabinets, single or double bowl sink, barbecue, burner, wine fridge, separate generous dining space and a large sofa in the sitting area.

Luxury Outdoor Kitchens
Custom Outdoor Kitchens

Custom Outdoor Kitchens

A custom alfresco kitchen is designed for the available space. Regardless of your space, you can design an alfresco kitchen for any size, whether small, large or luxury alfresco kitchen. You can select the materials for cabinets and benchtops and choose the colour and finish of your preference. Likewise, you can decide every detail of your alfresco kitchen, including appliance selection. Thus, you can build a custom alfresco kitchen distinctively around your preferences and conveniences, designed to your precise requirements.

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Our Alfresco Outdoor Kitchen Design and Renovation Process

  • Our outdoor kitchen designer will visit your home to discuss your requirements and measure the area where the outdoor kitchen needs to be built.
  • Our kitchen designers will prepare a custom design for your alfresco kitchen and show you. If you need any changes, you can let our kitchen designers know at this point.
  • At this stage, you’ll obtain your kitchen quote with a complete breakdown of all costs and the quality Australian materials we’ll use to construct your alfresco kitchen.

Once you sign the contract, we’ll begin building your alfresco kitchen to suit your needs.

Why Choose Us

Why Should You Choose Emporium Kitchens?

At Emporium Kitchens, we’ll use your outdoor kitchen ideas to design your alfresco kitchen and blend our ideas based on our experience to provide you with the best outcome. So you can expect a highly-functional, convenient, spacious and easy-to-use outdoor bbq kitchen

  • We are outdoor kitchen renovation specialists.
  • We have 35+ years of industry experience.
  • We are committed to the work.
  • You’ll get exceptional quality.

Visit our showroom, and we’ll show you diverse outdoor kitchen designs from which you can select. If you don’t like something from the ready designs, we can custom design and build an alfresco kitchen to suit your precise needs and budget.

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Frequently asked questions

Different types of outdoor cabinet materials are available, and commonly used materials include wood, marine-grade aluminium, stainless steel, masonry and PVC. You can select the cabinet materials based on your needs, preferences and budget.

The cost of building your alfresco kitchen will depend on your area’s total build-up space, the quality of materials you select, and the outdoor kitchen appliances you want to install. If you want a precise quote, feel free to contact Emporium Kitchens at 02 9645 6706, and our friendly staff will be happy to guide you.

It will take around four weeks to 3 months or more to complete the renovation of your outdoor kitchen. So when you decide to renovate, commence the process and commit to the project at the earliest so you can get your space ready when you require it.

Generally, outdoor kitchens are built between 10×10 feet and 20×20 feet. However, people build outdoor kitchens in diverse sizes, and the design possibilities are limitless. Forget about these figures; you should consider a design that would work best for your needs and home design.

Vent hoods and panels can be set up to handle this issue and ensure your outdoor kitchen is safe and enjoyable. If your BBQ island is installed with a natural or propane gas setting, you need to set up vent panels to dispel the gas and safeguard the outdoor kitchen in the occurrence of a leak.

Well, an outdoor kitchen remains exposed to the elements continually. You’ll need to cover and keep all your appliances and surfaces protected from the changing weather, even if you rarely use them.