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Walk In Wardrobe Design In Sydney

Impressive custom walk in wardrobe design not only double as a dressing room, offering you decent privacy but also boost the value of your home. Similar to selecting your en-suite, it is vital to choose the right walk in wardrobe design for your bedroom as it can offer you with many possibilities. With over 35 years of experience, Emporium Kitchens specialise in making big and small walk in wardrobe, custom walk in closet, as well as, luxury walk in robe and custom cabinetry in Sydney.

As walk in wardrobes design is not constructed in confined space, it safeguards against moisture, mildew and mould from building and damages your clothing. Sufficient airflow and ventilation in the walk in wardrobe help keep your clothes smelling fresh and lasting longer. Besides, walk in wardrobes will make your home stylish as they are luxurious and gracious.

Apart from wardrobe design, we also specialise in providing stunning kitchen designkitchen renovationsbathroom vanities design, and laundry renovations on time within a budget.

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Walk In Wardrobe Design In Sydney

Walk in Robe Ideas

Emporium Kitchens specialises in building modern walk in wardrobes, luxury walk in closets, U-shaped walk in wardrobes,
flat pack walk in robes and L-shaped walk in robe designs for Sydney homes.

Hanging Rails

Blend long and short hanging alternatives and double the number of short rails that you can position one on top of the other for skirts, pants, shirts, jackets and trousers – as we have less long items to hang. Besides, place long hanging rails into a corner so you can put long suits and dresses that you don’t have to take out regularly.

Hanging Rails


Drawers are crucial to organise your wardrobe so that you can keep smaller items like socks, underwear etc. folded and grouped. Besides, you can consider inserting small boxes or dividers or baskets inside for storing ties, rolled belts, scarves etc. to keep everything orderly and neat.

Open Shelving

Open shelving is highly functional and affordable, and it is suitable from waist-height and upwards. It is best suited for folded shirts, trousers and jumpers. Besides, they are perfect for storing handbags. You can transform a narrow or clumsy space into a practical small walk in robe that looks beautiful.

Open Shelving
Narrow Open Shelves

Narrow Open Shelves

You can install narrow open shelves at a slight angle, along the bottom of your walk in robe as they are highly functional for storing your shoes. Besides, you can install flat-narrow shelves to keep your shoes in their boxes.

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Walk in Robe Designs & Storage: Useful Tips

Small Laundry Renovations

In case you’re custom designing your robes then consider using a timber-grain laminate as it is a classy and effective way to make a design statement.

Lighting Matters

If you don’t have a sufficient amount of natural light or no natural light, then use cooler light bulbs, as they will facilitate you to see clothing colours better than warmer bulbs.

Full-length Mirror

Install a full-length mirror, so you can see how beautiful you look.

Line Wire Basket

Use line wire baskets, as they won’t leave indents in your clothes.

Excellent Way

Storage boxes on the top shelf are an excellent way to keep seasonal clothes and linen or those special occasions clothing pieces that you don’t often wear.

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Walk In Wardrobes Sydney

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How Can We Assist in Designing a Wardrobe?

Emporium Kitchens specialise in designing wardrobe in different styles as explained below:

Remodel or New-Build

We can remodel existing walk in wardrobes and custom cupboards in Sydney, as well as pull-down existing wardrobe and start with a new, modern customised walk in wardrobe design for your home.

Areas We Serve

We specialise in bringing exceptional walk in wardrobe and bedroom cabinetry solutions to homes across Northern & Eastern suburbs, the Hills District, the Sutherland Shire and throughout all areas in Sydney.

Our Display Showrooms

You’re welcome to visit our walk in wardrobe display showrooms located in Auburn, Western Sydney.

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Frequently asked questions

The space needed for a walk-in wardrobe depends on your storage needs and available area. Ideally, a minimum of 4-6 square metres is recommended to ensure enough room for shelving, hanging space, and movement.

The best materials for building a walk-in wardrobe depend on your style preferences and budget. Common materials include laminate, which is cost-effective and available in various finishes, and melamine, which is durable and easy to clean. For a more luxurious feel, consider using solid wood or veneer, which offers a high-end appearance and long-lasting quality. Adding glass or mirrored elements can also enhance the design and functionality of your wardrobe.

The cost of a walk-in wardrobe can vary widely based on factors such as size, materials, customisation options, and additional features. A basic walk-in wardrobe might start at a few thousand dollars, while a fully customised, high-end design could cost significantly more. Getting a detailed quote from Emporium Kitchens is advisable based on your specific requirements and budget.

Absolutely. Adding a walk-in wardrobe to an existing room is a popular choice and can often be achieved by partitioning part of the room or using an adjoining space. It’s important to work with a professional designer to ensure the new wardrobe seamlessly integrates with the existing layout and meets your storage needs without compromising the room’s functionality.

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